Phila Therapy Centre

The Phila Therapy Centre, donated by the NLDTF and many others, is the centre for therapies and health care for the children and young adults of Camphill School and the adult residents of the Camphill Farm Community as well as the co-workers living and working in these communities.
‘Phila’ in Xhosa promises that “all who come here will be well” while ‘Phila’ in Greek means love. The individual receiving treatment is approached through both conventional medicine and anthroposophical medicine, supplemented by the various therapies. All treatments are aimed to support and stimulate internal healing processes of body and soul in the restoration of health.

The Phila Therapy Centre is shared between the Camphill School and Camphill Farm communities. In the School community, anthroposophical therapies play an important part as one of the pillars of Curative Education for children and young adults with special needs. On the Farm, for the adult residents, therapies as well as adult education and health related activities form an important part of Social Therapy.


The Centre officially opened on February 13, 2005. It is designed and equipped to provide a range of anthroposophical and other alternative therapies as well as adult education. The building was designed in such a way that most of the therapy rooms can be used for more than one healing modality.

Therapies currently offered:
• therapeutic eurythmy (movement therapy)
• massage
• painting/art therapy
• hydrotherapy
• speech therapy
• occupational therapy
• physiotherapy
• counselling
• life/health coaching
• therapeutic riding
The Centre also hosts personal development talks and workshops/seminars and small conferences.

For a visit or more information, please feel free to contact the School Office on 028 312 4949 or