Admission guidelines

Guidelines and procedures

3.1     Class Size

The ideal number of learners for each class is as follows:

SMH Pre-Foundation Phase/Grade R [12]
SMH Foundation Phase (1,2,3) [10]
SMH Intermediate Phase (1,2,3) [10]
SMH Senior Phase (1,2,3) [10]
SMH Occupation-oriented Phase (1,2,3) [10]

3.2     Admissions Procedure

3.2.1 Applicants should submit the following documents to the School secretary for referral to the Admissions Group:

  • completed application form
  • birth certificate
  • school reports from the previous school, if applicable
  • a medical report from the physician on the learner’s condition and medication
  • copies of any psychological and/or remedial assessments and therapy reports, if available.

The Admissions Group will submit the above documents to the prospective teacher and houseparent for initial assessment.

  1. 2.2 An appointment will be made for the parents of the applicant to be interviewed by the Admissions Group, together with the prospective teacher and house parent, and any other person that the Admissions Group may request. During the interview, parents will receive information  about Camphill School; Curative Education; the Camphill School curriculum; home and school partnerships and school administration. An initial needs assessment of the learner will also be done.  During this meeting the school fees that the parent/guardian will be required to pay will also be negotiated. After the interview, the parent/guardian and learner will visit the classroom where he/she may be accommodated, as well as the residential house, if relevant.

3.2.3   The application will be reviewed again by the Admissions Group, together with the prospective teacher and the house parent (if relevant) for a final recommendation, which will be submitted to the School Management Team for a decision.

3.2.4   If a child is not admitted to the School the parent/guardian can appeal to the school principal to review the application. The principal’s decision will then be final.

3.2.5   If the learner is accepted, the School will send a formal letter of acceptance to the parent/guardian, who will be required to submit any further outstanding documentation, eg the transfer certificate from the previous school.

  1. Enrolment Contract

The parent/guardian, or a duly authorised representative, is required to sign an Enrolment Contract in duplicate upon enrolling the learner and pay the school fees stipulated in the contract. For residential learners who are being enrolled for the first time, a deposit is required, which will be refunded when the learner leaves the School.

The parent/guardian may be advised to bring their child to school at the beginning of the second week of term, to give the class an opportunity to adjust and settle down after the school holidays.

  1. Trial Period

The learner will be admitted for a trial period mutually agreed upon, in writing, between the School and the parent/guardian.  Assessment of the trial period will be done by the class teacher, the Head of Department: Curriculum Delivery, the house parent and therapists, where applicable.  If the trial period is unsuccessful, the parent/guardian will be informed about the decision as soon as practically possible, so that they will have ample opportunity to make alternative arrangements for the learner.