School calendar


Term Dates for 2017

FIRST TERM (11 1/2 weeks)                         

Monday, 09 January Educators return
Tuesday, 10 January Residential Learners return to school
Wednesday, 11 January  First term begins
Wednesday, 22 February Half-term weekend
Monday, 20 March School Holiday
Tuesday, 21 March  Public Holiday, Human Rights Day
Friday, 31 March End of Term: School Concert


Autumn break (2 1/2 weeks)

SECOND TERM (10 1/2 weeks)

Monday, 17 April Family Day
Tuesday, 18 April Residential Learners return to school
Wednesday, 19 April Second term begins
Wednesday 26 April Halfday School, Boarders go Home
Thursday, 27 April Public Holiday, Freedom Day
Friday, 28 April School Holidays
Monday, 01 May Public Holiday, Workers Day
Tuesday, 02 May School as usual
Boarders fetched from Cape Town
Friday, 16 June Public Holiday, Youth Day
Friday, 30 June End of term: School Concert


Winter Break (3 weeks)

THIRD TERM (10 weeks)                 

Sunday, 23 July Residential Learners return to school
Monday, 24 July Third term begins
Wednesday, 9 August Public Holiday, National Women’s Day
Thursday, 31 August Half-term Weekend
Sunday, 24 September Public Holiday: Heritage Day
Monday, 25 September School Holiday
Friday, 29 September End of term: School concert


Spring Break (1 week)

FOURTH TERM (8 ½ weeks)                       

Sunday, 8 October Residential Learners return to school
Monday, 9 October Fourth term begins
Thursday, 9 November Half-term weekend
Wednesday, 6 December End of term : School concert
Friday, 8 December  Last day for educators

Summer Break (4 ½ weeks)


*First term: Halfterm is 1 day longer so that boarders do not have to go home for long weekend of 20 and 21 March

*Second Term: Half day school on 26 April when boarders will go home and only be fetched on 2 May from the airport as the 1st of May is Worker’s day and feel our workers should benefit from this day

There will be school as usual on 2 May for the day learners

Due to the length of this long weekend there will be no halfterm in the second term